Edmond CHAN (Trading Company)
  As a small trading company, we only require some basic service. We chose the cheapest plan, yet I can still feel Sino staff explained to me in a very thoughtful and patient way.

Leo LEUNG (IT Company)
  Being engaged in a full time job, I cannot come to Sino's office for registering a company. Sino Staff sent all the documents to me by express, as well as the large company-kit after registration at free-of-charge. I cannot see other similar firms provide such kind of service.

Ken CHENG (Education Centre)
  We did our first tax filing a few years ago, I got lots of questions and hence I rang and talk with Sino Staff for nearly 1 hour. There is not even any hard-selling or impatient tone during the whole conversation. They even asked me to check out more accounting firms in town before making any choice.

Daniel RUSSEL (Consultancy Company)
  You want Quality Service, but at the same time, you want Competitive Price. I don't think you are able to find better choice than Sino Accounting in town.

Jeremy KWOK (Trading Firm)
  We subscribed Sino's service for over 5 years since our company's incorporation. I would say it was "value-for-money service."

Miss CHOW (boutique)
  It would be even better if you (Sino Accounting) have a branch on the Kowloon side.

Samuel TAY (Financial Service Company)
  We found from Google search engine about Sino Accounting's service. Their service quality and efficiency are what we really appreciate at.

Mr. LEUNG (Property Investment)
  We are late for tax filing last year and subject to a penalty of HK$1,200 from IRD. It was lucky that Sino Staff finished the task efficiently in short time and filed with an additional explaining letter. The penalty was finally waived from the Government.

Andrew LAM (Design & Production Company)
  Money is not my major concern. Your staff also possesses professional ethics and emphasize on importance of legitimate tax planning that can minimize the amount of tax payable in the most safety way.


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