Company Deregistration
General Information
(1) Corporation may carry out deregistration according to Companies ordinance, but have to fulfill the following conditions:
  • The Company had never commenced business OR
  • The Company already cease business for 3 months before applying deregistration AND
  • The Company has no unpaid debts;
  • In case there are debts, deregistration is still allowed if:
    the debt is waived by creditors / directors / subscribers.

(2) Before Company carry out deregistration, one must obtain a notice-for-no-objection for deregistrations from Commissioner of Inland Revenue Department

For obtaining this notice, the Company has to pay all the unpaid tax or business registration fee. As such, IRD may request the Company to hand in necessary tax returns, audit reports in order to make an assessment. On the other hand, when deregistration is in progress, annual return still have to be filed with Companies Registry unless the deregistration is successfully completed.

Our service fee
Dereg. fee (Companies Registry)
Notice of non-objection(IRD)

Documents to be received
  • Deregistration documents and minutes,
  • Notice for non-objection-for-deregistration,
  • Companies registry successfully-deregistration letter,
  • Free-of-charge document delivery.

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