Hong Kong Trademark registration
General information

Trademark search - 2 weeks (checking of any similar trademark already registered)
Trademark registration - around 3 months
Gazette publishing - 2 months (checking if there should be any objections from the public)

Total length of registration: Around 6 months

Effective duration of a valid HK Trademark: 10 Years

Our service fee:
Promotional Price: HK$2,980
Every extra category of registration (Defensive trademark) HK$580

Gov't fees:
Registration fee (IPD)
Search fee (IPD)

HK$2,000 (Exclude defensive trademark)
Every extra category HK$1,000 (Exclude defensive trademark)
(Every extra category search: $200)

Documents required
1) Proposed trademark in a soft-copy format.

2) Duly completed trademark registration form with a selection of suitable category.

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